About KL Management Services

KL Management Services (“KLM”) is a Chartered Accountant firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia delivering multiple highly personalized, industry-focused corporate solutions: accountancy & taxation, corporate advisorycompany secretarial and human resources services. Solutions provided by KLM are often management and operational-wide, allowing clients from all industries and backgrounds to continue sourcing business opportunities without worrying about operational or management hassles.

Our professional solutions are hybrid practices, catered to satisfy each and every need of a company’s growth & success in a single package, avoiding unnecessary complications arising from appointing too many service providers to handle different company issues.

Collectively, KLM builds long-term relationships with its audience, clients and patrons across Asia to competantly cross-offer and service industries centered around them. Since every business is unique, we complement our clients by committing resources and personalizing corporate solutions based on their needs; coherently addressing their individual issues and opportunities within their surrounding environment.

Company Values

KLM’s signature qualities lies on the competancy, professionalism and experienced individuals specializing in their respective fields; in which is fundamental to serving capital markets and generate high service value. Further advancing, KLM’s holistic approach towards multi-dimensional thinking over 7 years of servicing clients from multi-national companies to small businesses has created word on the street – KLM’s brilliant integrated approach.

In today’s demanding business competence, KLM realizes the need to incorporate shared values between clients, staff, audience and business partners in order to create a collaborative, open culture that allows room for continuous improvement. Such proactive engagement is vital to mutual growth; sharing the expertise, time, skills, experience and talents of our member firms beyond borders, realizing KLM’s full potential both in tough and fruitful economic situations.

KLM’s professional services spans across several areas of practice including corporate advisory, accounting and taxation, chief financial officer (CFO) consultancy, company secretarial and incorporation and human resources services to cover a company’s operational and management gaps. With these combined solutions, the key management body can place more focus and attention to exploring business opportunities without being bogged down by petty issues affecting the company.