Human Resource Services

Payroll management

This service is more applicable to clients with small staff force, probably less than 20 people. We provide a cost efficient and worry free service to ensure all staff deductions are in accordance to the law on a timely basis.

Our services in this area include:

  1. Monthly computation of EPF, SOCSO and PCB deductions
  2. Staff leave deductions and bonus computations
  3. Monthly submission of forms and payments

In addition to the above, our team of professionals can assist our clients to get the right candidate for their job openings. Our process covers advertising, interview and filtering of candidates, and recommending the shortlisted candidates for clients to meet and interview.

Human Resource Review and Consultancy

This is normally a service we provide to companies with larger headcount of employees, where there are various departments and complicated organisation structures.

What we do:

  1. Review the existing organisation structure
  2. Discussion sessions with top management on the expectation and requirements for each department and job function
  3. Interview head of departments, and where necessary, interview the rank and file staff as well
  4. Propose new structure which covers job functions, reporting levels, departmental requirements and especially meeting management expectations.

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