In Malaysia, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) requires that every limited company must at least have a company secretary. A company secretary is a person who maintains the records, books, filings, documents, meetings, company seal and so forth.

Hiring a good company secretary

It’s often good to hire a licensed & experienced company secretary in Malaysia because:

  1. He/She already has certain local business & legalities knowledge in CCM’s acts, rules, regulations, best practices & legalities.
  2. Able to furnish documents not only on Company Registration & Practices policies, but on certain financial information.
  3. Have strong local contacts for various other resources & services (e.g. Accountancy, business licensing, etc.)
  4. Is able to fully represent on behalf of a company to enter into business contracts. (Chief Administrative Officer)
  5. Is able to furnish necessary (share transfers, change of directors, etc.) documentation and information to securities (public listed companies).

You can find out more about the Duties and Liabilities of a Company Secretary in this other blog post.

Code of Ethics

As a company secretary of a private/public limited company, he/she is now an official officer of the company with authority & responsibility to comply with the conduct & ethics specified by Malaysia’s Company Secretary Code of Ethics.

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) & the Environment
  3. Relationships with Creditors, Shareholders, Employees and Clients.

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