I have seen many cases whereby a business could not continue their core business or in some cases the business is forced to close down after extensive fire damage to their business premises/factory. Is it the fire that causes an established business to shut down their operation permanently? In most cases, the answer is NO.

The real culprit to the business closure after an unforeseen loss is their CASH FLOW despite the business is properly and adequately insured. Thus the immediate injection of funds into the business to resume the business in shortest possible time is critical to avoid severe interruption in business activities, which undermining the business profitability and its survival.

Nonetheless, the immediate fund that needed to reinstate the affected areas is normally very substantial. Should a business fail to raise immediate funds whether additional fund from the shareholder or banker, the result can be catastrophic.

As an alternative, business owners can also negotiate with the Insurer themselves or appoint a Claims Specialist to negotiate with Insurer for an Interim Payments besides using the availability funds from its business to speed up the repairs and get the business running again with the least possible delay.