Company Secretarial Services

Companies registered in Malaysia are subject to a good number of regulations, policies, standards, guidelines and code of ethics.

You can be rest assured that our experienced professionals will not only consult you with the best practices of company ethics, but provide full company secretarial services such as corporate advisory, statutory registration, preparation of resolutions and so forth.

In general, our company secretarial services are mainly governed by Malaysia’s Companies Act, 2016. However, in certain cases, other areas of law could be involved as well.

Our clients above ranges from small, single-person controlled limited liability company to subsidiaries of listed companies.

Secretarial Services:

  1. Company Secretary legal compliance
  2. Company formation (local and offshore)
  3. Company Strike off under Section 550
  4. Shelf Companies for Sale

Thinking of starting up a company in Malaysia?

Registering a business in Malaysia requires a number of practical steps to be taken, and we can assist you throughout the way. For local company formation, there are 2 possible ways, ie. new incorporation or buying a shelf company. Both have their pros and cons.

As for offshore company formation, the respective countries’ laws need to be followed. Some popular offshore company destination are British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Singapore, just to name a few.

Deregistering a company

Section 550 company strike off is to remove the company registration from SSM. It’s probably the fastest and most common way to unregister a company.

This company deregistration way of “strike off” is a definitely a more cost effective method, and time efficient way to deregister a company. However, the requirements for de-registering (un-registering a company) is quite stringent to ensure creditors and shareholders’ duly is protected.

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