Corporate Advisory Services

In today’s volatile market, our business and tax environment is getting more complex as each day pass, as there are more demands for transparency particularly in tax accounting & reporting, financial risks, business performance and cost reduction. This fast paced, competent world demands for a company to deliver significant benefits to their audience, or face business closure in probably half the time as compared to decades ago.

KLM’s experienced professionals will help you meet these challenges and achieve you and your staff’s maximum potential, as we assemble our seasoned team to assist you with diverse corporate challenges that are facing businesses in Malaysia and its market today.

Challenging corporate obstacles in Malaysia From companies facing financial distress (a PN17 company) to those in need of financing forecasting, KL Management’s charter of professionals ranging from business to accounting and finance individuals will assist you with your venture here in Malaysia.

Our understanding of the local market and connections between local businesses are strong, allowing us to assist you, your company and staff with most of the major issues faced by Corporate Malaysia yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We have performed countless advisory services to many companies, and corporate consultancy is varied in work scope, responsibility, timing etc.

Usually, there are 2 main arrangements for our engagements:-

  1. Direct engagement from the client to perform the service, and;
  2. Some other jobs are provided to the clients under outsourced arrangements with well known audit and consultancy firms in Malaysia.

List of Corporate Advisory Services

  1. Restructuring and takeover
  2. Internal audit advisory
  3. Merger and acquisition
  4. Due diligence
  5. Corporate governance
  6. Risk Management
  7. Internal control systems review
  8. Business valuation
  9. Business plans and proposals
  10. Investment viability
  11. MSC status application
  12. IPO review and advisory
  13. Financial statement reviews
  14. Financial forecasting
  15. Taxation advisory
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