At a glance, GST comes with a flat rate of 6% on the invoice value. Below is a simple example to show the mechanics of GST in practise:-

Malaysia's 2015 GST - How it works

As you can see, burden of paying the 6% GST is on the Consumer.

GST is NOT a cost to businesses, but rather to the Consumers only.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. In next part of this article, we will see the different types of supplies that will affect how GST will impact a Taxable Person.


There are basically 4 types of supplies scenario, each carrying different impact to the taxable person.

Taxable Supplies

  1. Standard-rated : Output tax is 6% and Input Tax is claimable
  2. Zero-rated : Output tax is 0% and Input Tax is claimable

Non-Taxable Supplies

  1. Exempt : Output tax not chargeable and Input Tax is not claimable
  2. Out-of-Scope : Output tax is not applicable and Input Tax is not claimable

In the next article, we will talk about taxable supplies, value of supply and time of supply.
Important Notice: KLM’s personnel and accounting software are GST ready, and we are able to prepare the accounting and recording of entries into the accounting system. However, we DO NOT provide GST advisory on your business transactions. We suggest that you seek advice directly from GST advisors licensed by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.